The handle easily detaches and you have control of the steering with it on. Basket in the back. Option to engage or disengage the pedals rotating. I can demonstrate it all for you at pick up. Great condition and kind of sad to let it go but our little guy is on a strider bike now.
Overall great condition! We barely use this. This is really nice for a child starting to ride bikes because it has a handle or you can push the child which can be lowered or removed if needed. Also has a basket that can be lowered to dump things out of the basket. Handlebars, Wheels, pedals everything in good condition I think my daughter use this a handful of times if that it does have a few m...
GUC. Radio Flyer
Radio Flyer Tricycle Additional Pictures in comments Pickup in Darboy Cash only Must be picked up within 48 hours Cross posted
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